The GCSS-APro Package can be tailored to support your organizational training requirements based on various operational situations such as:

  • Train students for the implementation of new functionality
  • Provide instructions related to broader process improvement/re-implementation of key functionality
  • Support training due to professional development and staff turnover

You may choose to have our seasoned instructors facilitate the training or teach key staff members to pass learned knowledge to your employees; we can also team up with your key staff members and provide cohesive joint demonstration to the end-users! 






MMS GCSS-A Training

Our Mission

Successful SAP implementations are based on two key elements: systems and people. Proper planning and configuration are critical to the success of the innovative SAP based GCSS-Army Software in the new DoD Landscape. However, the most effective system in the world has the potential to fail without well-trained users who “buy-in” to the system.

Modern Mission Systems (MMS) is positioned to help fill your implementation-level training needs; we offer end-user training services and personalized business process documentation through our GCSS-APro Package. Our services range from module-based training courses to full-scale management and development of your training project, and everything in between. 

Training Courses
MMS' GCSS-APro Package offers students the opportunity to work with one of our instructors to enforce T-Code familiarization and role-based business process tasks. 

MMS also goes a step further with our training regimen:  we provide an enhanced Master Data Review (MDR) Approach, allowing students to actually work with, and manipulate, their own Enterprise Data during training events!  Whether your organization is Active Duty, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, or a TDA, MMS is providing all Organizations with several options to address training needs.


End-User Documentation
MMS Instructors will work with students to develop the materials your organization will need for working with GCSS-Army, whether it is a task-based User Guide and SOP or simple Quick Reference Cards. We can customize tools to fill the gaps between configuration and implementation, and ensure knowledge is easily transferable within your Organization.

Schedule, Classes & Curriculum

Click here to review the current Training Schedule and Fee's. If you would like to attend one of our GCSS-APro Package™ training sessions, please work with your training coordinator and have them contact us: for the course payment information and or multi-student enrollment.  Once enrolled in our GCSS-APro Packageall relevant information will be sent to the students via email.


Whether preparing for a Go-Live Event or training new hires, the GCSS-APro Package will prepare your staff for their roles using GCSS-Army!